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July 25, 2018



It started when we got a job offer south in Norway and were wondering how to get there. We thought train or bus would be the best option until we discovered Sunndal bilutleie. We decided to send an email to ask what they had available and if it was possible to rent it for a week. 

Tiguan 4x4 driving on a dirt road

On their website you can see that they have all kind of cars and you can rent cars from one day to several months! Most cars are from Volkswagen as it is one of the most trusted brands in Norway, however, you can rent a Mercedes Geländewagen if that’s more your style. 

Tiguan 4x4 sundial bilutleie, Oslo

After looking at what they had available we decided to go for a black VW Tiguan 4x4. When we arrived at Sunndal bilutleie they quickly got the car ready for us and we were on our way to the southern part of Norway. Here are some of the places we stopped by:

Lista fyr, Farsund Norway. Volkswagen, Tiguan Sunndal bilutleie

Lista fyr, Farsund Norway. Sunndal bilutleie, Oslo

Tiguan 4x4, Sunndal Bilutleie, Oslo.

Sunndal bilutleie, Oslo, Norway. Volkswagen Tiguan 4x4

Sunndal Bilutleie, Oslo, Norway. Volkswagen Tiguan 4x4

Volkswagen passat Kongsberg

Volkswagen passat kongsberg

Volkswagen passat Norge

Volkswagen passat Norway

We ended up needing the car for a couple of days longer than we first thought and luckily for us the friendly people at Sunndal bilutleie said that it was no problem at all. We will definitely recommend Sunndal bilutleie to anyone thinking of  renting a car in Oslo. Friendly people and easy pickup and delivery to a great price.

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