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August 29, 2018

10 Reasons Why You Should Use Lightroom and Lightroom Presets!

Have you heard of the program Adobe Lightroom but aren’t sure what it is or more important, should you be using it? In this article you will find 10 reasons why you should use Adobe Lightroom as your go-to photo editing software. 

Perfect for both amateur and professional photographers, Lightroom will not take as much disk space as Photoshop, which makes it absolutely ideal even for less capable computers and laptops. Moreover, it’s way easier to understand than photoshop and it has most of the manipulation tools you’ll ever need.

Keep reading to find the top 10 reasons you should be using Lightroom and Lightroom presets to edit your photos

1. Non-destructive editing

Unlike many other photo editing softwares, Adobe Lightroom does not edit original images. Lightroom imports a copy you can edit and later export as a different file. In other words, You don’t have to worry that you might accidentally save over the original—which also make it easy to experiment without fear!

2. Lighter processing requirements.

Lightroom runs fine on a laptop or a lower end machine. It will of course run better on a faster machine with more memory, but we have no trouble at all using Lightroom on the road on a laptop (You can also download it as an app for your phone).

3. Slider-based controls

Wether you want to make any changes to vibrance, clarity, brightness, contrast or any of the many other settings, Lightroom offers slider-based controls that are very easy to use. You don’t have to be a pro to play around in Lightroom. 

Lightroom slider based controls

4. Before and after

Being able to compare your changes with the original photo is crucial in image editing and this is another area where Lightroom really shines. What is especially useful is the Split modes as they allow you to see the changes on one single photo and you can easily drag the dividing line around to compare specific parts. 

Lightroom before/after

5. Variety

You can use a variety of different presets to see which preset you like for a particular photo. The beautiful thing about presets is that you can go through a list of presets in a matter of minutes to find out which presets you like for a particular photo.

6. Sync changes to multiple images

This is hands-down our favourite feature. Let’s say you’ve been traveling and you come home with over 300 pictures from the beach. With Lightroom you can making changes to multiple images at the same time and the best part is that it is simple! Just select the pictures you want and start making adjustments. Another way to do this is adding a preset to one of your photos and sync the changes to all the other pictures. You might have to do minor adjustments on some of the other pictures, but it beats editing all your photos from scratch!

7. Consistency

Yes, we know this goes against nr. 5 Variety, but using presets will allow you to make sure that each photo shot from a specific shoot (wedding, jungle, water, beach, mountain etc. ) to be edited the same. So you can edit one photo from a specific shoot, then make a preset and apply them to all the photos from that day as mentioned in nr. 6.  This might not be important for everyone, but a lot of people prefer to have a theme on their Instagram channel and this definitely makes that easier

Just Andreas Instagram channel

8. Simple and time effective

When using Lightroom presets with only one click you’ll be able to instantly get your photos to an 85-95% edited state. This means you only need to make a couple of adjustments on the sliders and you are done editing. Rather than editing each photo from the beginning of the editing process, you can spend more time fine-tuning your image to exactly how you want it. You will save a lot of time editing and have more time doing what you love, watch Netflix! Kidding, this will give you more time to shoot pictures!

9. Presets

A preset is a configuration of settings, designed to achieve a certain look or style of your photo. With just one click on a preset, your photo can be altered to have the look you desired. The beauty of presets is the simplicity, time-management, and the fun they bring to your editing sessions.

10. Affordable

When you consider how much time presets will save you they are cheap. We have 4 different preset packs available on our website, starting at 199NOK (23 USD). You can get all our presets here and by signing up for our newsletter you’ll get a 30% discount code. 

How to add Adobe Lightroom Presets:
  1. Download our presets
  2. Unzip the folder
  3. Open Lightroom
  4. Go to Lightroom - Preferences - show lightroom preset folder - camera raw
  5. Drop the preset folder in the Camera Raw folder
  6. Restart Lightroom
  7. Enjoy our presets

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